Home Office Remodeling Ideas: Best Options for Your Space

Let’s look at some home office remodeling ideas that you can use to get more out of your space on those non-office days.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, our world was thrown into chaos. Suddenly, children were learning from home, often at the same dining room table or kitchen island that their parents were working from. This led many homeowners to reconsider the need for a dedicated home office, or to improve the functionality of their home office space. Let’s look at some home office remodeling ideas that Rochester residents can use to get more out of their home office space on those non-office days.

Home Office Remodeling Ideas: Get Better Performance from Your Space

  • Make Use of Multi-Functional Space: If you have a particularly small space, or need to share space with other uses, such as a guest bedroom, consider space-saving designs that improve functionality while staying small. Can we say Murphy bed and fold-out desk space?
  • Enjoy Inspiration: Just because it’s an office doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with how you’re styling it. Add elegant touches that are fully functional, artwork that makes you want to be in the room, and statements that speak to your own personality.
  • Go Vertical: Though being minimalistic is great, you may need more storage than your current home office allows. In these situations, it’s easy to add more space by using bookshelves, hutches, and wall shelves to expand your storage upward. 
  • Ensure It’s Comfortable: Unlike many pre-pandemic home offices, you’ll be spending more time in this one, so make sure you’ve got a spot for lounging as you brainstorm, a standing or convertible desk for ergonomics and health, and soft finishes for a touch of home.
  • Room With a View: If you’re stuck in an interior room, consider adding a beautiful landscape portrait on the wall to create a feeling of a window. If you’ve got a window, is it enough? Do you want to upsize to a larger view to help drive inspiration?

When you consider all the tasks that your home office needs to accomplish, a remodeling job may make a lot more sense in terms of helping boost your productivity and functionality. If you’re ready to look at what you can get from a home office remodel, or if you’re in need of home office remodeling ideas for your Rochester home, why not contact Maressa Remodeling to get started? Our friendly team is happy to help you turn your dreams into reality.


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