Revisiting the Empty Nest: Changing Your Home After Kids Leave School

Here are some great home remodeling options to consider when renovating your home for a quieter future.

You’ve put in your time raising your kids, and now they’ve left the nest, heading into the world for their own adventures. Now that your home is your own again, what kind of changes should you make so that it feels that way? Here are some great home remodeling options Rochester residents should consider when renovating a home for a quieter future.

Revisiting the Empty Nest: Changing Your Home After Kids Leave School

Perfect Your Home Office: If there’s one thing the pandemic taught us, it’s the importance of having a dedicated space for working from home when it’s necessary. Instead of settling for a corner of your bedroom or the dining room table, make a home office that’s all yours, with a perfect environment for getting the job done.

Go for Kitchen Upgrades: Now that you’re not sharing the kitchen island with bake sale goods and homework preparations, it’s time to get the kitchen that you really want. Add new appliances, a smart range hood, granite countertops, and more to please your inner chef or baker.

Change Out Your Finishes: You can officially switch out the practical for the beautiful. Repainting, changing out scratched or damaged flooring, adding trim, or otherwise updating your home’s interior will give your home a fresh new appearance that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Add a Guest Suite: Sure, you want your kids to come home – on occasion. Why not make them feel welcome with a dedicated guest suite that will make it easier for everyone to have their own space when it’s needed? This can be as simple as a bedroom or as complex as a small apartment.

Gift Yourself a Purpose-Driven Space: Whether it’s a home theater, a home gym, or a dedicated hobby or art room, being able to pursue your passion at home allows you to more deeply appreciate your interests. Create a space that drives your inner muse, athlete, or movie critic.

By considering the options you have available once your children leave home, you can turn your existing home into something more like you’d dream about. If you need help designing and planning your home’s next iteration, the experienced, friendly professionals at Maressa Remodeling in Rochester offer innovative home remodeling options. From guest suites and kitchen remodels, to home offices and more, we’re always happy to help. Reach out today to get started!


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