Room to Breathe: Turning a Spare Bedroom into a Walk-In Closet

Turn that spare bedroom into a walk-in closet!

It happens to the best of us. You have a home that is both too spacious with children who have moved away as well as too small, with a cramped closet that doesn’t meet your needs. Now that you’ve got the extra room in your Rochester home, consider a room conversion and turn that spare bedroom into a walk-in closet!

Room to Breathe: Turning a Spare Bedroom into a Walk-In Closet

To start figuring out where you can make a walk-in closet from neighboring space in your home, start by looking at how those areas are used. If you have multiple bedrooms bordering the master bedroom, look at the ones that are least used, but still in a good location to access a closet from the bedroom. If it’s a particularly large space, you can include a seating area or dressing area, depending on your needs and desires.

Next, think about the kind of storage that you’ll need. If you’ve got a big thing for wool sweaters, a cedar cabinet may make sense to prevent damage. Similarly, a passion for long dresses may demand long hanging space, while frequent use of separates could make use of a double-rod hanging space. What about jewelry? Stockings? Your shoe collection? A mirror for checking the look before you leave the house? Bring these ideas up during the design process.

However, even if you don’t have a bedroom bordering your master bedroom, you can still have a walk-in closet created for your master bedroom. Though this post is focused on spare bedrooms, you could also use space from a stairway alcove, knee walls in an upper story, and similar areas to expand your storage space in your bedroom. These under-used spaces often provide plenty of room for a walk-in closet with a little creativity.

By taking advantage of existing space in your home, you can gain a lot of extra room for your master suite without having to add on to your home. If you’d like some help in turning your extra room into a walk-in closet, master suite, or other upgrade, the professionals at Maressa Remodeling offer bedroom renovation and room conversion services, and are happy to help. Why not reach out today to discover what we can do to make your home life better?


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