Keep Life Rolling: Remodeling for Accessibility

Here are some of the most common changes you can make to your home to improve accessibility.

Lifespans are continuing to increase. An aging Baby Boomer population is combining with increasing individuals with disabilities due to metabolic disorders and other diseases that used to be untreatable, creating higher demand for accessibility features in homes. Adding accessibility into your Rochester home using universal design concepts makes it much easier for individuals to remain at home rather than having to move to care facilities, improving their independence and often their quality of life.

Keep Life Rolling: Remodeling for Accessibility

Here are some of the most common changes made to a home to improve accessibility:

  • Wider doorways: Navigating a wheelchair, walker, or other mobility device through a narrow doorway is difficult. Aim for a minimum of 32” doorways, though 36” will provide even more room to maneuver while preventing pain and bruising from narrow doorways.
  • Smooth transitions: Can your front door, backdoor, and similar areas of your home be accessed without dealing with stairs or high ledges? Consider adding a ramp or smoothing out the transition between spaces, including low-rise thresholds where they’re needed.
  • Bathroom modifications: Is it easy to get in and out of the bathroom as well as the tub? Consider going to a no-threshold shower unit or adding a transition bench, and don’t forget to add grab rails! In some cases, a new vanity or sink makes a big change for accessibility.
  • Flooring options: Carpet can be a pain to navigate whether it’s with a wheelchair, wheeled walker, or just old, shuffling steps. Change to more accessible flooring such as vinyl or laminate with sufficient slip resistance to prevent falls.
  • Bedroom access: If all your bedrooms are upstairs, consider adding one downstairs or renovating a space to make it easier to access. You can also add an elevator for a surprisingly low cost, or a chair lift for those who are able to transfer.

When remodeling your Rochester home, universal design will keep it accessible for your family for many years to come, whether due to disability or old age. If you’re considering undertaking an accessible home remodeling project in Rochester, the experienced professionals at Maressa Remodeling are ready to help. Please feel free to reach out today with any questions, for more details on our services, or to schedule a consultation.


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